Salmon Satay

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the salmon satay is one of the most delicious and elegant recipes for salmon. the asian origin of the recipe brings a extra exotism and excites with an unusual flavor of nuts and thai spices.

although satay has an indonesian origin, today we will prepare the salmon satay (skewers) with thai spices which go wonderfully well with the delicate salmon filé.

the salmon filé (without skin) is cut into square pieces.

the marinate is prepared just like in the "chicken satay" recipe: one spoon of coco sour cream, one tablespoon of peanut butter, 2 spoons of soy sauce, a tablespoon of minced ginger, one minced citronelle stick, one minced hot thai pepper, one minced green onion, 2 minced calves of garlic, salt, lime skin and sauce.

mix the salmon pieces with the marinate (which should have a mayo consistency). let the mix marinate for about 30 minutes (but you can leave it even for longer).

the bamboo sticks should be hydrated with cool water for about 1 hour so that they don't burn during the grilling.

put together the skewers.

grill them over medium fire.

turn them over when they nice and browny and pour some of the marinate on the browny side.

sever hot with nuts sauce and thai cucumber salad.

enjoy the recipe!