Prawns in Diavolo Sauce

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the prawns can be very quickly prepared and are delicious in combination with aromatic and spicy sauces. prawns in diavolo sauce are simply a delight, the mixture of herbs, wine, pepper, garlic, dijon mustard and hot pepper is just sensational and perfectly accompanies the black tiger prawns.
if you have never served prawns or want to try a new recipe, then choose this one, as you will certainly not be disappointed.
although the sauce is very rich in flavors and ingredients, the recipe is very dietary, being inspired by the food combinations proposed by the scarsdale diet. this is another reason to serve it with confidence and without fear that you will gain weight.

ingredients (6-8 people):
- a pack of prawns (giant shrimps) husked and peeled of veins (800 gr.)
- 150 ml white wine
- a 200 ml cup of mashed tomatoes
- a teaspoon of chili paste
- 2-3 cloves of garlic
- a teaspoon of dijon mustard (the lime version would be perfect, if not, add a little juice and grated lime or lemon peel)
- a red onion
- a bundle of parsley
- half a bundle of oregano or basil
- sea salt
- pepper

this is how the "black tiger" prawns look like, cleaned, only the remaining tail. wash and drain them well.

to prepare the marinade for prawns: white wine, tomato juice, hot pepper paste, crushed garlic, a lot of pepper, a pinch of salt.

add the prawns and let them marinate for 30 minutes at room temperature.
chop finely the onion and fry it in a non-sticky pan, greased with a little olive oil.

stir continuously and add the prawns and the marinade, when the onion is translucent.

let it boil a few minutes, until the prawns turn pink-orange and the sauce boils down. add salt if needed.

add the chopped greens and stop the fire.

mix well, so that all the food gets the flavored herbs fragrance.

serve in small bowls as a hot entree.

if you want to serve it as a main dish, then add a garnish of steamed vegetables, green beans would be ideal.

enjoy your meal!