Pork with lemon, ginger and citronelle

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this recipe is a thai-influenced aromatic one that adds the pork chops an exotic touch.
thai style roast pork has a very exotic scent and a spicy taste, a perfect combination to warm and energize you on a cold day of winter.

-2 pork chops
-1 citronelle thread
-fresh ginger
-1 lemon or lime
-thai fish sauce (optional)
-szechuan-pepper or black pepper
-thai hot peppers

first we prepare the marinade. mix 2 tablespoons peanut oil with a tablespoon of chopped citronelle, a tablespoon thai fish sauce (optional), pepper, salt, hot pepper, a tablespoon of grated ginger, a crushed or sliced clove of garlic.

squeeze the lemon over the marinade.

place the chops in the marinade and leave for about 2 hours.

heat a little peanut oil and place the chops in pan.

brown them lightly on each side.

add 100 ml of water and let the sauce boil down.

pork will remain tender and flavorful.