Meatball Soup

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meatball soup is a special dish prepared in romania, very tasty and appreciated.
the ground meat mixed with fresh herbs, pepper and thyme gives a special flavor to this soup.
the recipe that i recommend will bring extra flavor due to some "secret" ingredients: bay leaf and dried thyme sprig.
these plants will bring a special taste to the ground meatballs.
you will certainly feel the difference. the aroma of this authentic meatball soup will be appreciated by all your guests.

-500 gr ground meat (mixed pork and beef)
-2-3 spoons of rice (i used brown rice, any rice is good)
-green onion (if you don't have, any onion is good)
-one big egg
-2,5 l water
-2-3 medium onions
-one carrot
-celery root and leaf
-one pumpkin
-1-2 peppers
-tomato juice
-one bay leaf
-one sprig of thyme
-borsh/ sour soup (optional)

boil the water. add the whole onions (peeled and washed), the chopped cerely and the chopped carrot.

prepare the meatballs: mix the ground meet with salt, chopped herbs, chopped green onion, pepper, dried ground chili pepper, one egg and the washed rice.

gently stir with your hands until mixture is homogene.

when the vegetable soup is seething, shape the meat mixture into meatballs and add them one by one.

add the thyme and the bay lead.

remove froth until broth remains clear.

add the finely chopped celery stalk and leaves.
boil the soup until the meatballs are well cooked (the rice is boiled). remove the onion from the soup.
when the soup is almost ready add the chopped pumpkin and pepper.

after the pepper and pumpkin have boiled for a few minutes, add the tomato juice.
if you like it sour add the boiled borsh and simmer for another 5 minutes.

remove from fire and add the chopped parsley.

it is served warm, with or without sour cream.