Chicken with "tapenade" sauce (baked chicken with red wine sauce and olives)

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one of the most delicious whole baked chicken recipes is the chicken with red wine sauce, olive french paste (tapenade) and tomato sauce. thus prepared in the oven, the chicken comes out very tender, but will also have a delicious crust, with provencal flavors. the combination of black olives and red wine sauce and tomato sauce creates a very special sauce, very similar to the hunter sauce, which raises the preparation to the rank of culinary trophy.

even if it sounds like a royal recipe, i recommend you to try because it is very easy to do and very appetizing.

it's a perfect recipe when you want to escape a little from the everyday routine, when you want to feel a perfume of provence or simply want a little pampering available.

the elegant "tapenade" chicken presents itself as a french nobleman with decorations and invites you to an interesting dinner at the "chateau" ... can you refuse it?

-1 whole chicken
-black-olive "tapenade" paste (you can do it at home, mixing with the blender olives without pits, herbs de provence, garlic and a tablespoon of brandy)
-1 cup of mashed red
-2 cloves of garlic
-oregano, rosemary
-chili flakes
-salt (optional) - note that the olive paste is already salty

first make the marinade. mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, tomato juice, 3 tablespoons olive paste, ground garlic, pepper.

add oregano and rosemary.

brush the chicken with marinade and rub it all over.

add one cup of water in the bowl in which you made the marinade. put it in the pan, near the chicken. sprinkle chili flakes over the chicken.

cover the tray with baking paper, so as to protect the crust on the chicken.

insert the tray wrapped in baking paper in the oven at the lowest level at 160 degrees. after an hour, remove the baking paper. the crust adhered well on chicken and is not burnt.

sprinkle the chicken with sauce from the pan and re-bake for 20 minutes, until lightly browned. meanwhile, sprinkle the chicken with sauce occasionally.

if your chicken is big (mine was 800 gr), allow more time wrapped as to penetrate better. when ready, leave for a few minutes to cool and then decorate with parsley and serve.

it is very festive. serve it with rice garnish with vegetables or potatoes puree.

smells inviting and it's so tender ... it's worth trying!