Chicken with italian dressing and sweet potato mousse with orange "Pollo oregano"

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this roasted chicken is spoiled with the most fragrant italian herbs (oregano and fresh basil), colored by the fresh tomatoe juice "spicy" because of the hot pepperoncino and fresh because of the lemon juice. since it is so delicious we needed a more “precious” garnish: sweet potato and orange mousse. the taste of this kind of mashed potatoes, sweet with a tinge of citrus, accompanies perfect the aphrodisiac "conqueror" and spicy "italiano vero" chicken.
a mix of contrasts, which manages to highlight every detail of this original aromatic culinary couple.
-3 chicken drumsticks
-fresh oregano
-a lemon
-olive oil
-100 ml of tomato juice
-salt, pepper
-dried pepperoncini
-dried garlic (optional)

chop the basil and oregano.

mix 2 tablespoons of oil with lemon juice, grated lemon zest (one teaspoon), salt, pepper, tomato juice and herbs.

add washed and drained drumsticks in marinade. leave them at least 3 hours in refrigerator to marinate well.

place chicken thighs and marinate into pan, and add a small cup of water (or white wine).
place tray in oven at 180 degrees until well browned.

meanwhile sprinkle chicken with pan sauce.

until chicken is ready, prepare garnish: boil potatoes, then mix them with a spoonful of sour cream, salt and juice from an orange. spray mouse on remaining orange halves.

arrange the serving platter and sprinkle green basil over the chicken.

if you want something exotic, such as this orange puree, then you can enjoy a classic garnish of potatoes or rice.