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Kerala, India


University description (as per official university website)


MACFAST (Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla), Kerala, India, a post graduate and research institution, was established in 2001, with the aim of promoting professional and quality education to students with the specific objective of offering cutting edge courses in Business Management, Information Technology and Biosciences. With the commencement of MCA in 2001 and MBA & M. Sc Bioinformatics in 2002, MACFAST has been able to provide education in the primary areas of scientific and technological development. In the subsequent years, specialized courses in Biosciences have been introduced. Along with the addition of courses, the face of MACFAST has been transforming from a single building to multi-storeyed building, and with the construction of a separate campus for Biosciences.The infrastructure too has been modified with the setting up of world class auditorium, library covering an entire floor, digital library, state-of-the-art labs and research facilities, wireless connectivity, food court and separate hostel for women and a 6 storeyed hostel for men

There are modern equipments in all the laboratories, gadgets worth mentioning are Silicon Graphics Lab, Retort Sterilizers, Modified Atmospheric Packaging Machine, Pulverizer, Fruit Pulpers, Automatic Filling Machines, Retort Feelers, Spectrophotometer, Laminar Air flow Device, Electronic Barrels, PCR etc.. The latest centre to be added to the campus was the Food Science Pilot Plant and Incubation Centre for developing ethnic and unique food products.

MACFAST has reached a new height of success with the establishment of the MACFAST Center for Research and Development (MCRD), a research centre approved by the M.G.University in early 2008. The MCRD offers Ph.D programmes in Biosciences and is poised to enhance student creativity and produce high quality research.

A research journal titled Journal of Science, Technology and Management (JSTM), has also been initiated in 2008. JSTM is dedicated to bring together research in these three fields from around the world and also publish original work from the MCRD.

A Community Radio was launched in November 2009. Community Radio MACFAST 90.4 believes that the emergence of a Knowledge Society is possible through focused work at the grass-root level. It realizes that transfer of Knowledge happens in both directions-from the urban society to to the rural and vice-versa.

In the month of November 2009, MACFAST started an innovative program in partnership with the well established and highly reputed McDaniel College in Maryland, USA to provide a post-graduate degree in Education which will enable successful candidates to obtain the Master of Science (M. S.) degree as well as the US teaching license from the MSDE (Maryland State Department of Education) under an accelerated and intensive course work including structured class room teaching in regular secondary schools.

P. G. Diploma in Food Science & Technology conducted by IGNOU was introduced in 2010.

Synergizing the capabilities in the diverse fields like Computer Science & Management, MACFAST has established MACFAST INDUSTRY INTERFACE (MII) at Technopark in Trivandrum in 2010. Such interface can give rise to a robust, high quality, interdependent, long-term relationship between industry and academy leading to a win-win situation for both.


2001 - Commencement of MCA

2002 - Introduction of MBA and M.Sc. Bioinformatics (MACFAST is the first College in Kerala to start M. Sc.Bioinformatics)

2003 - Introduction of M. Sc. Plant Biotechnology (MACFAST is the first College in Kerala to start M. Sc. Plant Biotechnology)

2003 - Introduction of M.Sc. Food Science and Technology

2004 - Introduction of M. Sc. Biochemistry

2005 - Introduction of M. Sc. Phytomedical Science and Technology (MACFAST is the first college in India to start M. Sc. Phytomedical Science and Technology)

2008 - Approval of the MACFAST Center for Research and Development as a research center under the M. G. University

2008 - Journal of Science, Technology and Management (JSTM) initiated

2009 - Launching of Radio MACFAST 90.4 FM

2009 - The MACFAST-McDaniel Partnership Programme

2010 - Post Graduate Diploma in Food Science & Technology, IGNOU Centre, St.John's Campus



To transform young people and mould them into value-driven, culturally enriched and professionally competent change agents who would significantly contribute to improving their immediate community, the state, the country and the world at large.


Our world today is highly networked with information no longer restricted by boundaries.What is available at one part of the globe can be simultaneously accessed at another. This has brought about a complete transformation in the way we look at ‘education’.

It is insufficient now to be a master in just one field. A multidisciplinary approach is the need of the hour. This approach relativizes the various fields of education and obliterates the demarcations confining them. The revolution in Information Technology (IT) has made computers an indispensable part in almost all aspects of education. Every subject is now linked to IT, thereby increasing its accessibility. A clear example is the dynamic field of Bioinformatics - a confluence of molecular genetics and IT.

In line with this advance in acquiring knowledge, the key strength of MACFAST is its high-tech IT infrastructure. It plays a pivotal role in the functioning of all departments. Every discipline taught in the college is highly IT-centered.

The newly started MACFAST Centre for Research and Development (MCRD) further strives to encourage scientific thinking among students, providing them an opportunity to understand the nuances of scientific research. Emphasis is laid on acquiring knowledge and cultivating the right scientific temperament as well as developing technical skills by providing specialized training in-house. Students are also given a taste of the corporate and research world by taking them on educational field-trips, industrial and research institute visits.

Additionally, developing the right attitude towards their career is of utmost importance. The Career Management Centre provides a complete training package to ensure a good career start and sustained growth.

Establishing a link with the industry and research worlds even while acquiring academic knowledge and skill is now fast becoming a necessity to ensure good employability. The MACFAST Industry Interface (MII) functioning at Technopark Trivandrum, is a unique initiative to bridge the Industry-Academy divide. Academy to Industry, Industry to Academy, Corporate Badging, Corporate Scholar and Entrepreneurship Development Initiative are our innovative programmes to meet the constantly changing , complex and dynamic requirements of the Industry.

We, at MACFAST, believe that the true purpose of education is not just imparting knowledge, but also encouraging personal empowerment of every individual with the desire for selfdevelopment. We understand that a successful individual is measured not just by his ability to translate knowledge into economics and land lucrative jobs, but also by how satisfied he is in his career and thereby, the quality of life he is able to maintain. Our institution aims at tapping the unlimited potential of human minds and helping students find their calling in life with the primary objective of transforming them into ethical and competent professionals, who would be assets to the society they live in.

MACFAST, not only encourages the growth of the mind, but also the development of character, discipline, and ethical thinking. We strive to build worthy citizens for a ‘knowledge society’ where knowledge is shared freely, is powerful and used for the betterment of society and the individual. This knowledge society is the revolution happening in the world today. Its foundation is built on the wisdom that knowledge is never lost on sharing - it only multiplies. A definite step forward in this regard is the emphasis on using and supporting open source software and encouraging learning from the internet, in addition to textual study.

In keeping with India’s Vision 2020, “Our future depends not on what will happen to us, but on what we decide to become and on the will to create it”, students are equipped to be the change agent that will revitalize and sustain this revolution. We wish every student of this college the very best in inculcating a flair for leadership, dynamism, courage of conviction, and unwavering commitment to excellence - all qualities necessary to take our nation to new heights.

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