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The Haitian Academy
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


University description (as per official university website)

The Haitian Academy, founded in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A in 1979 is a certified not-for-profit, independent Institution of Education, geared to provide excellence in learning from Preschool to University studies, and Technical Training.

The Haitian Academy is dedicated to offer to its student’s sound academic knowledge and character education from an early age, in a structured, loving environment. We cultivate a moral setting, to prepare well educated, positive minded young leaders; with a sense of purpose in life. The commitment of The Haitian Academy is to groom the new generations to be qualified, loving and caring professionals in the career of their choice.

To reach the highest level of instruction, we seek qualified, internationally educated Teachers and Professors. We make sure that they are supportive of the Haitian Academy’s Philosophy, using state-of-the-art innovative approaches as teaching resources, to stimulate the student’s minds, and awaken their curiosity toward research and creative learning.

The Haitian Academy achieves its goal by creating a unique, multi-cultural, multi-lingual setting for global education. Each student is unique. Each one, as a very important member of their society, and the world, is entitled to receive adequate instruction, in order to maximize his/her performance in life. The Haitian Academy supports the development of all students, at all level, through the implementation of the arts, music, and sports in our curriculum. The integration of these activities in the lives of the children and youth will create an inner equilibrium, and a balanced personality for their success, thus a better life for those living in their surroundings. The Haitian Academy rejects all forms of violence and discrimination, in every aspect of life, and everywhere on planet Earth.

At The Haitian Academy, we define Education in the 21st Century or the New Millennium as “The art of using Intelligently, all information accumulated throughout the world, for a more Spiritually, Intellectually, Technologically oriented UNIFIED, SENSITIVE, HUMANE WORLD, with the ultimate goal of Elevating our minds and soul, in order to improve our way of living on earth”.

Dr. Marie-Pologne Jacques RENE

Founded in December 1979, in New York City, The Haitian Academy has educated children from pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. In the United States, the Haitian Academy was certified by the University of the State of New York, Department of Education in October of 1988; certificate of registration number 9-516. For the past 30 years, the Haitian Academy has provided education in English, French, Creole and Spanish for children of varied ethnic origins - African, American, Asian, the Caribbean, European, Hispanic and Jewish.

We are proud of our twenty four classes of graduates who have attended Universities in the United States, in Canada and in Haiti. Among those who have completed their Undergraduate studies, several have attended Medical School, Law School, Nursing School, International Studies and Masters Programs in Engineering, and other fields such as Education.

In September of 1980, an adult continuing education program was initiated in Brooklyn. Many of our GED and ESL graduates have completed college, while others are employed in health and business careers. In November 1992, the adult program was reopened in Haiti where we teach English and Spanish to Haitian adults. A technical school has become part of this continuing education program, offering computer education at different levels.


In 1985, after seven years of hard work, we purchased a six-story building in New York City. It was renovated to accommodate 16 classrooms, an institutional kitchen, a cafeteria, an indoor gym and a two thousand square foot library. In 1986, it was decided by the Board of Trustees to open a branch in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In 1988, thanks to family members of the Board; a beautiful site was made available for the construction of The Haitian Academy Campus. In June 1991, the Board of Trustees voted to transfer the New York branch of the school to Haiti in order to focus on one operation.

The Haitian Academy’s campus is located 25 kilometers north of Port-au-Prince on Route Nationale #1. It sits on 20 acres of land at the foot of a hill facing the ocean. Trees have been planted and many more will eventually cover the open spaces. Our site is fully electrified and running water is provided throughout the entire campus. In September 1991, a boarding facility was built to accommodate students from abroad and from Haiti. The boarding complex was built to house 50 interns. The remainder of The Haitian Academy’s students commute from Port-au-Prince, Cabaret, and the surrounding areas. Later in 1993 the University of the Haitian Academy opened its doors with a School of Medicine and a School of Agronomy. For more information about The University of the Haitian Academy, click here.


In 2005, the board of founders, considering the lack of educational institutions available to the population, voted to add a French section to the existing English section at the Haitian Academy. In the French section, the curriculum of the Haitian National Ministry of Education prevails, allowing the students to take all of the official examinations: Certificat d’Etude Primaire (CEP) administered in the 6th grade, Intermediary Exams in the 9th grade, Baccalaureate I (Rhetorique) in the 12th grade, and Baccalaureate II (Philosophy) in the 13th year of schooling. For the past three (3) years, we have sent our students to the Official exams of the Ministry of Education in the 6th and 9th grades, and our success rate has been 100% for all exams, at both levels. In two (2) years, we will send the first class to the Baccalaureate I to take the official exams.

It is the goal of the Haitian Academy to provide each of our students with a sound and rich education. We are also working to foster positive relations among children and young people of different backgrounds. Modern communication and transportation has drastically brought the world closer. Our students are taught to understand and accept other cultures, and to appreciate and enjoy elements of our environment. At The Haitian Academy we know that the vocation of educating others comes to those who believe in the intelligence of their students and in their potential for growth.


The value cherished at The Haitian Academy is the equal advancement of mankind, rejecting all forms of discrimination. We are on this planet together to live in harmony, to respect each other, and to grow together in a loving manner. We train and encourage our students to be involved, to be a part of the community in which they live, on Campus and beyond.

The Haitian Academy does not support any act of violence on other human beings, and rejects all forms of animal cruelty. Love, respect and caring are among the corner stone of the institution.

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