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Latvia University of Agriculture
Jelgava, United Kingdom


University description (as per official university website)

Latvian University of Agriculture of the Latvian Republic of higher education and scientific institution in which a bachelor's, master's, doctoral and professional programs, as well as dealing with science and research. Its short name is Lua, and it works to preserve, reinforced, investigate and bring to future generations the entire value of the fields provided and can provide the Latvian people.

School's mission is to develop the intellectual potential of the Latvian, particularly in the field of sustainable development. Its task is to prepare academically educated specialists in economy, science, culture, education, public administration, providing new knowledge and skills to use them in the public interest to carry out scientific activities and to organize further training and retraining of specialists. Lua supports outstanding researchers, academic staff and students, facilitate their integration into the global academic performance.

LUA's vision - to become a modern international recognition and prestige of the university who are actively part of the single European higher education and science room. School is governed by its Constitution.

Study program choice

To apply for studies in the Latvian Agricultural University, first choose a study program and make sure what are the requirements for membership of entrants the competition.

You may qualify for studies Lua, if:

Be a citizen or Latvian non-citizen, EU national or you received a permanent residence permit in Latvian.

Aliens who are not granted a permanent residence permit, the right to study the LLU Campus Law 83. Aliens are not eligible for study sites on the state budget and participates in a joint tender for studies on the natural or legal person means.

Full-time students are entitled to study for the state budget degree or higher professional qualification several times, but the benefits in terms of applicants who intend to learn the first time. With state funding, at the same time to study only one study program.

Serving reception invitation

Starting point of the applicants' registration and reception of the first year post-secondary education to approve the Cabinet of Ministers. The beginning of 2010, the deadline of July 19.

Applications for admission are accepted from applicants contest with Lua compulsory national centralized examinations in Latvian and foreign language are A, B, C, D, or E-level certificate and a secondary education certificate or diploma endorsement of faculty in certain subjects not less than four balls, except when the subject kept the centralized exam and obtained A, B, C, D, or E-level certificate.

Unsuccessful or non-existent certificate of a mark set by the Faculty of the subject of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography or history (depending on the chosen study program) can be replaced with an assessment, obtained successfully passing the centralized exam (A, B, C, D or E level ), and Lua in an examination preparatory course (details Learning Center More information can be found Lua admission rules of primary teachers.

Persons who have attained secondary education, starting with 2004 and the qualifying full and part-time primary teachers, but has not passed or been exempted from the centralized exams (in Latvian and foreign language), the centralized examinations may apply for Lua Learning Center in each of the first April.

Centralized examinations in higher education takes place simultaneously with the acquisition of secondary education organized by the end of the centralized exams.

Reception night Jelgava Palace

Additional normal admission time from 9.00 am to 18:00
July 27, 2010 from 24:00 plkst.20.00 to have the opportunity to submit documents for registration of studies and at the same time feel the festive atmosphere of Jelgava Palace special atmosphere, enjoy the historic events of the secrets of its corridors and Museum, and enjoy the music and costumes of ancient beauty and romantic charm.

Documents to be presented when applying for study:

document on the general secondary education - certificate or diploma to succeed the original statement -
Training and Examination Centre for the centralized examination certificate originals or authenticated copies thereof;
if the changed name or surname, the change of identity document;
documents certifying that the entrants are eligible for membership of the Latvian Agricultural University out of competition.
If the above-educated foreign

Applicants who obtained their previous education abroad, international treaties, in certain cases, before applying for studies in the Latvian Agricultural University education expert opinion supporting documents submitted to the Latvian Academic Information Centre.

If you graduated from college or other higher

Studies Lua senior courses may also be a number of college and university graduates, if they meet the qualification requirements laid down by mutual agreement or cooperation of the Faculty council decision. More detailed information here.

If you can not attend, to register for the reception

If entrants on time itself can not attend, to register for university admission, it can make him an authorized person, showing your passport, a notarized authorization and the candidate a copy of the passport and filling out application studies.

Applicants' Contest

Admission contest takes place in the assessment district exam certificates and certificate or diploma of faculty grades in certain subjects. Individual study programs and in cases where the applicant is not sufficient prior learning assessment, and pass an entrance examination. More information about the applicants' tender process and evaluation criteria can learn Lua admission rules of primary teachers.

Admission out of competition

Outside the competitive full-and part-time studies intake of entrants:

The top three winners of Agriculture, Ministry of Education and Science Ministry, the Ministry of Environment organized in professional competitions, which are useful for studies of specific programs recognized by the faculty council;
Education and Science Ministry of the accepted international and national Olympiads for the first three places in the last three years, the faculty teaching in certain subjects;
The top three winners of Latvian student research paper competition;
Regional student research paper-conference contest laurēti who got Lua certification.
Lua of the curriculum leadership of chairs organized a special object to tender for the first three winners, presentation of documents;
Latvian origin, or young girls from Russia, a successful case study of the personal exemption from tuition fees.
What happens after the applicants' invitation?

Charged to students round or imatrikulācija is tender after the amount of acquired points - entrants, who obtained a higher rating, acquires the right to study on state funding. Determine the number of students admitted to studies for a fee.

Before matriculation undergraduate programs, are presented in the student personal file in accordance with the Higher Education Act. The candidate who won by tender the right to study in Lua, given time to arrive at the faculty of the individual interview and recording studios. For information on the registration of the documents, as well as the negotiating venue and time entrants receive by filling out application studies. Applicants who Lua Admission commission fails to register within the time studying in the faculty, as well as the studies do not conclude a contract, are excluded.

You are a student of LLU!

After matriculation you become a full LLU student. Enjoy the remaining holidays in September to begin their studies in Jelgava - the student in the capital. But even before you expect an exciting two weeks pirmsstudiju practice, during which new students focus their university and its surroundings. It is a great and memorable opportunity to not only participate in their own learning environment development, but also to become better acquainted with fellow students. More information about pirmsstudiju practice, you'll find out by registering for studies in the faculty.

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   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Latvia University of Agriculture

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