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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this site useful?

Eastchance is a website providing centralized access to information about scholarships and career opportunities for students from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Our goal is to provide you with the starting point for your search for a job or scholarship. We surf the web and get in contact with universities, companies and student associations, searching for opportunities that are of interest to CEE students and young professionals. We then structure and format the collected data in order to present them to you in an easy to read manner.

How do I navigate through this site?

Use the menus to navigate through international events, summer schools, scholarships and job-related stuff. You will find the navigation bar on the top of each page of our site. Use the links in the home page to go directly to the most searched events in each topic. In the pages displaying announcements, you will also find the structure, in the form of a tree, in the left part of the page. Each link in the menu takes you to a section of our site, displaying a number of announcements under that topic. Click on each event's name to see details about it.

Use the links at the bottom of the page to read about who runs this site, our privacy policy, and legal blah-blah.

How is this site structured?

The site has the structure of a tree - six big categories divide each in a few more sub-categories. You fill find information about different events in each of these sub-categories. Our goal was to structure the information in order to minimize the number of clicks from the homepage to the pages containing information. At the moment, you need two clicks at most. Another criterion was to build an easy to load site - most of you probably access it via slow university-lab or net-caffe links.

What do you mean by International events?

We mainly mean student conferences and congresses, or conferences to which students and scholars together are invited. They are not structured according to the geographical criterion, but according to the amount of the contribution yourself have to make towards the expenses in the event. For more details, see the next question.

How are the International events structured?

The International events are structured according to the level of the contribution the organizers expect from you.

Small fee events mean that you will have, besides applying, to pay a small fee. We have included events that cost up to EURO 100, since we think it could be difficult for most CEE students to pay a bigger amount in order to take part in an event that lasts a week at most. The good news is that usually in this amount food and accommodation is included. Even more, in some of the events the organisers might make a small contribution towards your expenses, if you're… Eastern European.

No fee events mean that you still have to pay for the travel expenses, while the organisers pay for your food and accommodation. In some cases, you will need an insurance and a visa as well.

Full grant events cover the travel as well. They're the rarest kind of events, and expect the competition for them to be keen - write a goof paper if you wanna make it there! Still, if you make it, you will probably need to contribute your own pocket money, and pay for the visa taxes. Just think how it would be if you had to pay for everything…

How are scholarships and summer schools structured?

These two categories are structured according to the geographical criterion. When you have to spend a month, a year or four years in a place, where? is a much more important question than in the case of an international event. And the complex financial aid schemes make it difficult to bring them to a common denominator from this point of view.

Oh, by the way: Norway and Switzerland are not in the EU, so try Scholarships - Other if you're interested to study in one of this countries. Also look there for different research schemes that don't require from you to leave your home university.

Where do you have all these data from?

We gather it permanently from the Internet, mailing lists, friends, etc. On the average, out of every ten announcements we get, one makes it in the site. The reason is that we look for those events that present something of interest to Central and Eastern European students, usually a financial aid scheme.

Don't you infringe copyright laws?

No, we don't. What you usually see after the phrase "Announcement follows" is a quote from the site or other promotion materials of that event, and should be interpreted as such. We do a minimum of editing in order to match our format or correct some spelling errors and add the header that summarizes the event in the beginning. We add the source, mailing list or website at the end of the announcement. Even more, the texts we quote are intended at being publicized and reproduced as often as possible, since they popularize an event.

After the phrase "Our tip", or in the reviews we provide in some cases, information provided by us, and not qoutations, is provided. This information is protected by copyright laws as the intellectual property of, together with the design of our site, the logo and slogan.

The information we display is correct to the best of our knowledge. By using this site, you agree that we do not carry any responsibility for the modifications or errors the organizers of the events might make. Also, we do not necessarily endorse the opinions of our visitors, as you may read them throughout the site, as comments to events we display or in the guest book. To find out more about this, please read our disclaimer.

What is the How To... section?

In this section we provide a few basic guidelines that you should take into account when writing your application papers. You will find out what and how to put in your CV, in a motivation letter, how to write a cover letter that accompanies a CV, and yes, even how to write a recommendation letter. We know who writes them in this part of Europe - and not only here! - and here's your chance to improve yours a bit. You will also find samples of these documents, written by us for our own applications.

What is the Time To... section?

This section provides a rough guideline for your schedule in the case you are after a scholarship of longer duration, like a Master's or doctoral scholarship. Application procedures are complicated, require a lot of effort and time. We want to help you work your way through all this complicated stuff and write a timely application that puts you in the best possible light.

What do you mean by Join our community?

We have put together a mailing list that will provide you with regular news and updates directly linked with the topics of our site. We plan to include news about upcoming events, updates of the site and comments from users of the site. The long-term goal is to encourage a two-way exchange of information between us and the members of our network and between you and other users of the site. We encourage each member of our community to become actively involved in the exchange of information about the topics of interest for the users of the site.

Do you give my email to advertisers, or other third parties?

NO. Your email and other contact details will be stored in a database that will only be used for sending regular news and updates from We will not agree to provide access to this database to any third party without your express prior permission.

Who runs this site?

Our names are Costin Uzun and Ovidiu Petreaca, and we're both Romanians. For the last few years, we have been both intensive applicants, and sometimes participants, to different international student events. We couldn't have gone there without financial aid; we couldn't have got finaid, if we did not learn how to write a CV or a motivation letter. Even those would have been useless if we hadn't known that such events exist. We have decided we want to help other students from the region to improve their chances for the future. This is how was born. If you will notice a certain bias of the announcements in in the favor of events dealing with economics and social science topics, you're right. It reflects our own preferences - as we said, this site was born by gathering the results of our own searches. It's up to you, however, to help us enrich the site, by adding events from other areas.

Is this site run for profit?

NO. The site is not run for profit; the banners you see are aimed at helping us recover the small investment needed to start this site. is not intended to be a business and is not run as one. If we wanted to start a business on the Internet, we would have tried a different idea.

Why do you have a dot-com name?

Quite frankly, it sounds better than .org or .net. There is no .cee domain, and to buy a domain from a specific country would not have outlined our international orientation. So, we bought a dot-com.

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