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EAEA Grundtvig Award of 2014
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Scholarship / Financial aid: the best initiatives will be invited to and showcased at the EAEA Grundtvig Award Ceremony

Date: 12-14 November 2014

Deadline: September 7th, 2014

Open to: adult education organisations working with World War I remebrance

Announcement follows

Are you an adult education organisation working with World War I remebrance? Is your project promoting peace and conflict resolution? Apply for the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2014!

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of World War I – a war fuelled by xenophobia and economic turmoil, a war which changed Europe drastically and which shaped the fate of our continent in the 20th century and beyond, a war which ended in new dimensions of mass killings and suffering. At a moment when the future and values of a united Europe again face unprecedented challenges, it is a good time to embrace peace and take a moment to reflect on the past, the present and the future. We believe that by creating opportunities for mutual learning, reflection and dialogue, adult education can promote peace and cohesion in Europe.

This year's EAEA Grundtvig Award is linked to the DVV's and EAEA's joint initiative Remembering for the Future. EAEA therefore proposes to focus on the topics of remembrance and peace for its 2014 Grundtvig Award.

Why participate?

All participants gain:

+The certificate of attendance;
+Appearance in the EAEA Grundtvig Award publication that will be distributed in EAEA’s events and networks;
+International visibility in EAEA’s social media channels and EAEA website.

The winners gain:

+The best initiatives will be invited to and showcased at the EAEA Grundtvig Award Ceremony during the Remembering for the Future conference in Sarajevo, 12-14 November 2014;
+The certificate of attendance;
+A concrete EAEA Grundtvig award (a piece of art or handicraft);
+Key slot in the EAEA Grundtvig Award publication that will be distributed in EAEA’s events and networks;
+International visibility of the project in EAEA’s social media channels and EAEA website also after the ceremony;
+Appearance in EAEA’s press-release after the competition.

How to participate?


We will award excellent adult education and learning projects with the topic Remembering World War I for the Future - Adult Education promoting peace and cohesion in Europe in two categories:

1. World War I remembrance initiatives

We are looking for a focus on local history during WWI, as well as reflections on the current situation in Europe and beyond, especially tied to the dangers of nationalism and xenophobia. A transnational partnership for the initiative is welcome but not necessary. The activities may include:

+Local study groups who are researching local WWI-related history;
+Workshops, lectures or conferences about WWI (and tying it to current affairs) on a local, regional and/or national level;
+Online resources, a movie, podcasts and/or other media projects about WWI and the overarching; themes of the initiative, to help en courage discussion and other projects;
+Any other unique activities that tie in to the overarching theme.

2. Adult education projects that promote peace and conflict resolution

While we would like projects in this category to have a link to WWI, this is not a precondition! We are looking for projects from Europe and outside of Europe that draw lessons from war, civil war or armed conflicts using these cases as a tool to promote peace and conflict resolution through adult learning and education.


+The initiative must clearly demonstrate the teaching and/or learning and/or material and/or unique results of the remembrance of WWI (Category I) or other conflicts (Category II) and its connection the Europe’s presence and future;
+It must have evidence of outcomes, such as a report, DVD, website or any form of verification;
+It is desirable that the initiative can be showcased and is transferable and/or useful for others.

What do we expect?

1. A description of your initiative:

+The main goals of the initiative and how it fits to the theme of the 2014 EAEA Grundtvig Award;
+What you actually did and how you did it;
+Your target group(s);
+What processes or partnerships were important;
+How did you get people involved;
+Some material that can be showcased (poster, photographs, text, website, videos, podcasts etc.).

2. Explanation about the impact:

+The impact on the participants and/or audience;
+What you have learned – what would you do again or differently next time?


Instructions on submissions are here. The deadline for submissions is September 7th, 2014.


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