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The Sixth Summer School of the BCS Language
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina

Scholarship / Financial aid: small participation fee

Date: 21 July – 2 August, 2014

Deadline: 1 July, 2014

Open to: international applicants interested in the language and the culture of BiH

Announcement follows

The summer school is organised in intensive two-week classes or ten working days. Classes last for four school periods (45 minutes each) with a thirty-minute break between the second and third period.

Out of a total of forty classes, twenty classes are planned for studying grammar and twenty for reading texts and conversation. The books are adjusted to particular levels, and the texts correspond to the needs of everyday language comprehension. Every group will have two teachers with different approaches to teaching, in charge of different language studying aspects.

In case you are interested in taking more than the 40 classes that the original Summer School offers, please let us know when you apply - this year we are organising the additional 20 classes (60 classes in total)! Our students will be able to opt for additional 5 days of learning BCS with us, from 4 to 8 August.

The learning materials are made for levels A1 to C1. When you send us the application form, you will receive an entrance exam to complete it before the beginning of the school; and on the first day, we will have a short interview based on which we will put you into the appropriate group. Based on the number of groups, a schedule will be made. Some students will have classes in the morning and some in the early afternoon.

This year we will be organising the C2 level for those who have learned their grammar but still struggle with writing, as well as for those whose mother tongue is BCS, but who have never studied it in school.
After you have passed the test and have had a short conversation at the end of the school, you will be issued a certificate according to the level of your knowledge of BCS.

Who can apply?

The only requirement for applying for this school is that you are 15 or more years old.

Why should you want to study BCS with us? You are currently studying the languages of BiH; your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend is from the Balkans; you know someone who speaks B/C/S; you are originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina; you want to read the works of Ivo Andrić in the original language...

You can be our student if you are:

§ BiH citizen currently living abroad; your ancestors emigrated from BiH; you want to brush up on your BCS or maybe only start learning it;
§ foreign citizen living in Sarajevo and BiH and you don’t have time to attend courses during the year;
§ studying B/C/S outside of BiH with a wish to place the languages you are § studying into the cultural framework of the area;
§ someone who has the desire to learn the languages and the cultures of BiH.


Accommodation is not included in the price of the school.
Since January and July is the time when Sarajevo is full with tourists, make sure you book your accommodation as soon as possible. You can find plenty of hostels and guest houses with affordable prices on the Internet.

Price of the School


1. Apply for the school before 1st June and use the benefits of early registration - the price is 250 EUR.

The price includes:
§ Textbook and workbook for your level
§ Cultural programme
§ Trip to Jajce and Travnik
§ The final bulletin with the students' works
§ "Linguists" Membership.

2. In case you are interested only in the classes and some of the activities and you apply before 1st June, then the price is 230 EUR.

The price includes:
§ Textbooks for your level and grammatical reference material for all levels
§ Cultural programme or the trip to Jajce and Travnik
§ The final bulletin with the students' works
§ "Linguists" Membership.

3. If you only want to attend classes in the morning, and you apply before 1st June, then the price is 200 EUR.

The price includes:
§ Textbooks for your level and grammatical reference material for all levels
§ The final bulletin with the students' works
§ "Linguists" Membership.

4. If you wish to opt for five more days of classes, 5 to 9 August, the price is the additional 100 EUR.

For those of you who apply after 1st June, the price is 300 EUR.

How to apply
You can find the electronic application form here.
Fill it in and send it by mail to You will receive a welcome letter and further instructions.

Deadline for the applications is 1 July, 2014.

The number of students is limited.

Merima Dervišić
phone/fax: + 387 33 645 343


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